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06 June 2009

Cult 87

Project Description

Cult87 is a double music LP by Ansia and can be downloaded for free.

Download Cult 87
Download contains: 31 mp3 tracks (Disc1 15 & Disc2 16), Printable layout & 8 Wallpapers (4:3)

Project Credits

  • Genre: Electronic Hardcore Rap (Disc A) & Funky Rap (Disc B)
  • Conceptual Leader & Director of Production: Kostas Gogas
  • Producers: Kostas Gogas, Kid Master, Erectus & Start Rec
  • Sound Recorders: Erectus & Start Rec
  • Sound Mix: Kostas Gogas & Start Rec
  • Sound Mastering: Start Rec
  • Lyrics & Vocals: Kostas Gogas & Kid Master
  • Music Compositions: Kostas Gogas, Erectus & Start Rec (some tracks contain samples)

Music Video

Mesa sto Myalo twn Tharalewn

Music Video Credits
  • Director: Kostas Gogas
  • Performer: KidMaster
  • Lyrics & Voice: Kid Master
  • Music Composition: Kostas Gogas
  • Producer: Kostas Gogas
  • SoundMix: Kostas Gogas
  • Sound Mastering: Start Rec

Design Materials


(random selections)

Design Materials' Credits
  • Edit & Retouch: Kostas Gogas
  • Photography: Markzita
Instructions for wrapping the layout.
I have to say that the penis photographs I used in Cult 87 were given to me by a friend who insisted that they were license free. Until today, I doubt that this was true.