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26 April 2012

Dark Abstract

Photo of Kostas Gogas' painting 'Dark Abstract', a dark abstract expressionism on an almost square canvas with dark blue and green colors. *While we strive to accurately depict a product's color, actual colors may vary.

60cm x 70cm

Dark Abstract


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A dark abstract expressionism painting on an almost square canvas (60x70cm). Created with home paint and acrylics.


  • Artwork Title: Dark Abstract
  • Artist: Kostas Gogas
  • Artist Signature: Signed at the back
  • Type: Original Artwork
  • No of Copies: 1
  • Date: 2012
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 70cm x 2cm
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Materials: Home Paint & Acrylics
  • Color and Feel: Dark, Abstract, Dark Green, Dark Blue, White Splashes, Red Splashes, Rough, American Expressionism
  • Edge Color: Black
  • Framing Options: No Frame
  • Weight: 1.350 kg
  • SKU: DarkAbstrOrigPainting1

The Artist's Signature

'Dark Abstract' is signed by artist Kostas Gogas at the back of the canvas.

Close Up Photo of Artist Kostas Gogas' Signature on its 'Dark Abstract' Painting at the back of the Canvas
"Dark Abstract" is signed at the back of the canvas.

How to display this artwork

Hang it without a Frame

As a note, we would like to remind you that most canvases can be displayed without the need of a frame just by hanging them from their top bar with a couple of nails on the wall.
We believe that this particular artwork looks better without a frame.

Close Up Photo of a Back Side Corner of Kostas Gogas' Painting 'Dark Abstract
"Dark Abstract" is very easy to hang without the need of a frame.

Canvas' Edge

The beauty of the neutral black edge of 'Dark Abstract' is another reason to go frameless.

Close Up of the Black Canvas Edge of artist Kostas Gogas' 'Dark Abstract' Painting
The black edge of 'Dark Abstract'.