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08 October 2017

Red Fluffy Alien

Photo of Kostas Gogas' drawing entitled 'Red Fluffy Alien' depicting a ball-shaped character in a red color, looking straight to us, sitting on a light blue green background. *While we strive to accurately depict a product's color, actual colors may vary.

14cm x 14cm

Red Fluffy Alien


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A drawing of a red fluffy alien character on a blue-green background. Made with watercolors, a black rollerball pen and Uni-Posca paint markers on a square piece of 220gsm paper.


  • Artwork Title: Red Fluffy Alien
  • Artist: Kostas Gogas
  • Type: Original Artwork
  • No of Copies: 1
  • Date: 1 October 2017
  • Dimensions: 14cm x 14cm x 0.01cm
  • Surface: 220gsm Paper
  • Materials: Watercolors, Uni-Posca Paint Markers and Rollerbal Pen
  • Color and Feel: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Cyan, Hairy, Fluffy, Sweet, Ball-shaped, Colorful, Bright
  • Framing Options: No Frame
  • SKU: RedFluAliOriginalDrawing1


Explore display options for this artwork.

Without Frame

Because of its thick paper (220gsm) and its relative small size (14x14cm) this artwork can be displayed easily on a shelf without the need of a frame.

Photo of Kostas Gogas' drawing entitled 'Red Fluffy Alien' depicting exacly that on a light green-blue background. Here displayed on a shelf without a frame.

With Frame

Of course framing is more than welcome, because it preserves the artwork from the outside world.
If you'd like a frame, you can easily find one in local and international stores like IKEA, Leroy Merlin etc.

Custom Frame

Because of the custom size of this particular artwork, it may make be difficult for you to find the perfect frame in ready made solutions.
In that case, you could pursue the route of custom framing by visiting a local framing store near you.

Tip 1:
Visit the framing store after you've purchased the artwork, in order to find the perfect one for you.
Tip 2:
Also, it's a good advice never to spend more than 30% of what you paid for the artwork on its framing.