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Kostas Gogas | photo by Markzita

About Kostas Gogas

Creative Polymath & Individualistic Superhero working exclusively on his own personal initiatives for his own pleasure.

Aries, the Ram, Sagittarius Rising, Konstantinos Gkogkas (legal name) born on 18 April 1987 at Ioannina, Greece. Raised and living in Nea Filadelfeia, Athens, Greece.

Proudly having no occupation. Accepting all complexity of his inner impulses while figuring himself out along the way.

Artist Statement

My Work is a Highly Opinionated Breakthrough Creative Action

I choose to do things in order to affect how a ‘thing’ is supposed to be. And I choose to do this by doing the thing itself and not explaining the philosophy behind it, even if that’s the only reason I do it.

I always choose to have a stand, and for my work to speak of itself as a question of existence, not only on the meaning behind it, but on multiple other levels: should this work exist, why it was created that way and should it be treated like this.

The philosophy I choose to represent on each particular work expressed through my personal point-of-view must affect every touch point I happen to pass by while working on it.

Universal Philosophical Stand + My Corner in the World Expression

This combination is what makes my work universal but only if it is examined through a personal prism. My question of how professional can an indie hip-hop group could be in Greece in 2005, lead me to create Music Videos, Lyric Booklets, Double Albums and spend hours (days, months, years) Sound Mixing myself in order to create three successful albums: Krisis, Chameleon & Cult 87, in a time where most of those elements weren’t even thought about in the underground music scene.

This particular creative action itself, while never speaking theoretically about what it stands for, was actively establishing how professional and creative and even better than big labels can indie music groups be and how Greek artists can try their hands on making something original (something they still lack).

A similar inspirational breakthrough was my first feature film, where I was determined to be the youngest feature film director but while I shot the film before I turned 23, I completed the movie at age 25. Losing my self-imposed bet. But the goal, again, was to inspire active involvement on projects that seem too far-fetched.

Body of Creative Performance


  1. Universal RetinaArt Project, 2014
  2. A Metaphysical Journey in the Simultaneous FieldsShort Story, 2013
  3. Same, The AudioVisual Portrait of a Hypocrite, on Ochre BackgroundFeature Film (65'), 2013
  4. Abstract PaintingsSeries of Canvases, 2012
  5. Cult 87Double Music Album (with Ansia), 2009
  6. Black on CardboardSeries of Artworks, 2009
  7. ChameleonMusic Album (with Ansia), 2008
  8. PlunderNovel (Greek), 2008
  9. Eternal HidingMid-Length Film (35'), 2008
  10. Untitled Canvas SeriesSeries of Canvases, 2007 - 2008
  11. KrisisMusic Album (with Ansia), 2007
  12. Bugs BunnyShort Video, 2007
  13. One LinesArt Style, 2007-present
  14. Pencil SketchesArt Activity, 2004-present
  15. GraffitiGraffiti Art, mostly between 2005-2007, with some exceptions


In Public View

  • Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Graffiti, Digital Art, Design
  • Motion Pictures: Feature Films, Short Films, Music Videos
  • Music: Record Producing, Songwriting (Electronic Music Composition & Lyrics), Live Performance
  • Writing: Screenwriting, Literature

Behind the Scenes

Vision, Lead Action, Innovation, Strategic Planning, Style Invention, Technique Invention, Process Improvement, Risk Management, Resourcefulness & Excellence Orientation.