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Color Difference Note

Color Difference

How images look from screen to screen and in relation to the real thing

Screen Difference

Every screen is different from any other screen. So, while someone creates an image on his own screen, you view this image on your own screen which is different from the creator's screen and different from your friend's screen, and your neighbor's screen, and different from your mobile screen, or desktop screen etc.

Of course there are methods of calibrating the screen but most times this setup requires that you use your monitor (screen) for one particular job only.

The Real Thing

And while the screen versus screen difference is major, the real problem is how different something looks in reality.

The fact is that you cannot capture the real thing. Many will try. Few will succeed. It takes lighting, shooting and editing expertise. And as I said: these are not enough either.

La Gioconda.jpg
By Leonardo da Vinci - Own work, Public Domain, Link

Mona Lisa.jpg
By Leonardo da Vinci - Musée du Louvre, Public Domain, Link

Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa.jpg
By Leonardo da Vinci - (Upload Sept. 19, 2010) Au plus près des oeuvres ! - (Microsoft Silverlight required), Public Domain, Link

Which do you think best represents the real thing?
Even the most photographed painting in the world may fail to communicate its true colors.
And before you answer the question, remember that your screen may trick you.